Poker 4: A little while away

So after a week or so of no posting, followed by one of the worst weekends of my life (which I couldnt play poker), I gotta post again.

Before anything, I got my first ever royal flush, made no money from it obviously, but still super cool to make one.

At the end of last post:  $116.48 profit over 18,662 hands, running at 12.48bb/100 hands.

After my last post, I ran in to some pretty bad sessions. Played badly, ran badly, and tilted way way way too easily. Went down 2 buyins to up 2 buyins back to down 1 buyin and was just a really lame session. The next one, only 16 minutes, was just AWFUL, and I quit before I tilted and spewed my money away.


After that it has been pretty smooth sailing. I’ve been pretty disappointed in how I’ve been playing, though. Against regulars I’ve yet to really figured out how to exploit most of them, though I feel I can outplay most post-flop. Lots of my money has come from the fish and spewtards that stack off with ATC.


So the obvious thing to notice is the two loosest sessions in terms of VPIP and PFR are also two sessions I lost. Maybe I should tighten up ever so slightly.

Still, I feel like I’m playing winning poker, loose enough to exploit lots of the multi tabling nits who can’t swallow their pride to admit that they need to learn how to beat micro stakes poker and play 20 tables at once, but disciplined enough to easily crush the huge amount of awful, awful players that spew money away with top pair.

Lots of hands I have no idea about:

Aaaaaaaaaand it looks like is not working properly.

Hand 1 –

Pretty normal I guess, but my bet sizing seems bad – should I be betting more on turn/(100% sure) river?

Hand 2 –

Not a confusing hand at all, play wise, but pretty crazy to have the nuts and a draw to better and have two people shove in to you. Biggest pot I’ve won since starting again, I think.

Hand 3 –

Should I just lead out on the flop? Raise the turn? Call river? I felt like I played this as awfully as possible, but I dunno how to come up with a better line. I guess he has a set most of the time there, or maybe some overpair on the flop. Still just felt yuck at that huge river barrel.

Hand 4 –

Looking back, not too fussed with this play. Flop donk looks like a weak jack or some hand like 55/66 or A2/A3. Checking turn lets him fire with worse jacks or semi bluff with draws. Just lame I ran in to a set this time.

Hand 5 –

Just… bleh. I guess he flopped a set? Or at worst, Qxdd, probably AQ, cos I don’t think he’s gonna c/r then fire turn and river when he misses the flush. Just a lame spot I guess?

Hand 6 –

This guy was one of those very strange fish that always bet 1 or 2 big blinds on the flop/turn, then would either bet like half pot on the river or make some ridiculous overbet, and they’d call down with literally any two cards, so I figured my flopped pair was probably good. On the turn, I feel like he can be raising ATC, like one of those guys who puts every villain on AK, so obviously an 8 high board will miss them. Against his exact hand I’m a 20-80 dog, but I’m getting 3.28:1 odds (23%), so it’s a pretty bad play in this exact spot with no real implied odds, but I felt like I was ahead and he could call with overs, one of those kind of guys. Turns out I wasnt but I binked my hand on the river anyway. Not tooooooo awful math wise but still pretty bad I think, just lucky I guess.

Hand 7 –

How don’t I get his stack?!?!

Hand 8 –

Pretty gross – am I ever ahead here? If he has a flush it’s going to be bigger, and he could have 22 and backdoored in to a boat. Of course, he could be awful and think KT is the nuts here since I just called his raise on the turn and checked the river. My intention was c/c a river bet, but then he shoves and I’m confused, since river shoves at NL5 are generally super, super, super strong. Looking back at this hand I think I should’ve just called. I’m really not sure.

So yeah, a few strange spots that I’m not sure about.

Still profiting, so I guess I should keep playing the way I am. End stats for now: $144.84 profit over 24,202 hands, running at 11.97 bb/100. Winrate is slowly shrinking, but I guess that’s to be expected as the sample size grows. My aim is to get to 50,000 hands of NL5 (should be done by the end of next month at the very latest) with a winrate higher than 8bb/100, then it’s on to NL10.


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