Poker 2: cant think of a witty title

In short, the crushing continues.

At the end of last post, I had a ~$94 profit, running at 15.61 bb/100 over 12,000 hands.

Last two days I’ve played relatively little poker, spent more time watching films/music/games, so played only ~1600 hands. Stats of:

28th session was pretty boring, ran pretty poor and dropped a buyin or two and worked it back up to a slight loss, nothing I did super wrong or super right I feel, just a pretty standard session.

Todays (29th) session was pretty ridiculous – people were donating their money to me, and I was making pretty normal plays and people never seemed to believe me, and kept paying off my thin value bets and always folded to my bluffs and semi-bluffs. That 3.5 buyin profit should have been a lot, lot higher, but I ran in to some coolers which changed my (at that time) $22 profit to an $8 profit in the space of three hands. Regardless, I powered through and worked it back up to a solid 37.25 bb/100 session.

Preflop stats  are pretty much spot on with my averages, so nothing to say there. Maybe I’m still calling a little loose from the bb/sb, but it generally is against fish with good postflop hands.

The big dip here  in my hands played/bb won graph was thanks to 2 hands, these:

Hand 1 –

This fish had been running something absurd like 59/8/2 over ~100 hands, so I should’ve just seen it coming. The context, though, was the previous hand, where he limped A4s, I raised 55, and he called and check the A94 flop, I checked back, and binked a 5 on the turn. He bet, I raised, he called. River he c/c my pretty sizable bet. Then he started complaining and was like “why don’t you raise???” – then as he types it he raises here, so I 3bet with my KK super happy, and he just shoves. I was tempted to fold, since his likely hand range here is only ever AA and a tiny percent of the time KK and AKs, but given the context I opted to call because he felt super spewy and I had been 3betting a LOT this session. In hindsight, an easy fold, but oh well.

Hand 2 –

On the flop I’m pretty happy with my hand, and on the turn I’m slightly less happy but still happy. His raise here was giving me 2.91:1, so I’d need to win the pot slightly less than 30% of the time. Against his exact hand, I’m a 25-75 dog, so it’s the wrong play, but against a range of some overpairs and two pairs and sets and stuff, I’m a 38-62 dog, so it would be correct to call. I’m not sure if this is one of those spots where they’re probably only making a play with a strong hand, either way, just a shitty spot and happened exactly after hand 1 on another table.

Hand 3 –

3bet and bink trips, wee. Should I check the river to try and induce a bluff? I felt like maybe my hand looked super weak after I check the turn on such a wet board, but his check back maybe signals he’s really as weak as I’m pretending to be. I guess a check on the river is the right play so he can bluff with his missed flush draws or overcards, but I guess I hoped he had AK and would call a bet there.

Hand 4 –

Can I ever fold the turn here? Getting 4:1 so I only need to be winning 20% of the time, and I feel like I am even though this turn shove seems super super strong – if he has AK he’s probably gonna 3bet preflop, K9 is possible since there were good odds preflop, but more likely is probably Qxcc for a flushdraw+pair, or some two pair hand, or 89 for a straight of course, probably even more likely. Even then, I’m still getting the right price to call even vs a straight, but against a wider range of flush draws and two pairs and stuff, I’m a slight favourite. Pretty awful play by him I think, we ran it twice and chopped when he binked a club on the river on the first run.

Pretty happy overall with how I played today, some gross spots but some pretty good spots too. Total profit over the last two days of $14.48 (2.896 buyins), can’t complain.

Graph update: Slight increase to bb/100, and a nice increase to total winnigs.

My Currency Won in USD over Hands Played for (PokerStars) frequency172

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