pa pa pa pa pa poker face

Not that anyone cares, but I’m going to start posting about poker.

I first started playing in 2008 – my brother and I were at a family friends house and one of them played pub poker quite a bit, and suggested we go play cos we had nothing else to do. I was only 17, so used his brothers name to register, and got obsessed. Basically I was a typical pub poker moron that eventually read a little bit about how to play properly, and started playing online. I ran up my first $50 deposit to $750ish somehow, which makes me incredibly confused because I had literally 1/30th of the knowledge I have now (which is still practically nothing). Then I withdrew it for whatever reason, got staked $200 by some guy, ran it up to $230 over a little bit of time then he said he didnt want to stake me so I gave him the $200 back and kept the $30 which I ran up to $900 (in 2012 I think), which was surprising again because I sucked. Then one day I lost like 5 buyins at NL25 and decided I hate poker and withdrew it all (about $750 again). So like $50 to a total profit of ~$1400 over the course of like 5 years.

I decided to start playing again and try to take it seriously this time, in the past it was just semi-serious but never really studying or trying to improve, it was just wanting to make some money. I’m just going to post stats/graphs of sessions and that sort of thing, make myself motivated and give myself goals to reach and make myself think about how I play rather than just going on autopilot mode (which, admittedly, has done pretty well so far).

A friend staked me $100 and I’m playing NL5 6max. I used to play NL25 6max and was a break even rakeback hero, so let’s aim for better than that.

My end goal, at least in the short term, is to get a comfortable bankroll for NL100 and get a decent winrate.

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