WCS Oceania

So following our British ancestry, Oceania has gotten Tasteless and Artosis, as well as HD and PainUser to come and commentate the World Championship Series finals for Australia and Oceania.

The first thing I thought of was iaguz’s post, which kind of made me giggle.

But anyway – getting some casters to come down will boost viewership and will make more people remember the event, obviously. My problem is that I don’t think it will benefit the entire scene all that much. What good did Tastosis do for Philippines? What about the UK? Are people really going to go and tune in to those tournaments because they watched the one with Tastosis? Unless everyone picks up their game and shows the community theres a reason to watch Australia in the future WITHOUT having to spend money on getting some big names (and PainUser and HD) to artificially bring viewers in, then I don’t think the event will be a true success.

We don’t live in a vacuum, and we have to be honest with ourselves. Yes WCS Aus/Oceania is very likely going to be a good event, but also we have to realise that every fucking weekend there is another good event going on around the world. You can’t just be ‘good’ in a market that is already way over saturated.

After all of the recent talk about how SEA has to prove itself to the world, I do find this quite puzzling. How are we (we being Australia) meant to prove that when things are imported?

PS. I was actually going to go to Sydney for WCS (my uncle lives in Sydney and wanted us to visit) but now my mum and uncle are going to Italy instead 😦 So I’ll be in Sydney later instead.

Also, mandatory song (themed!)

And a bonus


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