PPV (the good kind)



Before I start, we don’t really have many exact details on how this is going to work, so it’s pretty much all speculation. I’m going to assume that this won’t be a hugely widespread thing, and that when this is introduced, the in game obsing feature will actually be just like obsing the game, unlike how it was for The International  qualifiers, which was basically unwatchable due to the heroes skipping around and there being a 2 second delay from an action happening and it appearing on your screen. Also I doubt every tournament will have this, but we’ll have to wait and see. If it’s done well, I can only see positives.

I’m also going to assume that the people using this will be able to listen to the in-built audio, so they can basically control what they want to see, while still getting real time commentary (or none at all). Sounds good to me.

Anyway, this is a direct way of making money without having to rely on sponsors or the iffy fill rates from streaming services. Having direct sources of revenue is the best possible thing for any organisation. Tournaments will still stream, and they’ll still get viewers. Giving the viewer more options and the ability to completely control how they see and hear the game is amazing. If tournaments can stop having to rely on the tit of sponsors and praying they make enough money from streaming to make money, then it’s beneficial to everyone. Yeah, Valve is going to take a cut, but it’s their game and it’s not like they aren’t putting the money back into the community, albeit millions to the best of the best.

And I like you lurppis, especially when you argue with Richard Lewis 😀

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