I’m just a soul whose intentions are good.

Basically ESFI and a bunch of others re-tweeted some of my tweets:




And lots of people have told me how I’m an idiot. Basically the main argument is that NaNiwa (and the other top seeds, IdrA, HuK and MMA) have earned their spot because of their past performances in MLG events. Sure, I understand your argument. I just think the way MLG implements it is terrible and unfair. I’ve already talked a little about MLG.

Yes, the consistent and successful players should have an advantage. The advantage, however, should NOT consist of being automatically placed into the top 12 and skipping literally 70% of the tournament. Other tournaments have top seeds face bottom seeds in the tournament brackets, meaning they have an easier road to victory, not a crazy shortcut to the money. After all, they’ve proven themselves to be the top players in the MLG circuit, why should they be worried about having to deal with some more players?

MVP and NesTea have won a bunch of GSL Code S’, but guess where they begin? The Ro32, just like everyone else in the tournament. To win Code S, the players have to win 14 games (well, sometimes 15 or 16 because of the stupid old group format used earlier in the year), but at MLG circuit events it can vary drasticly (from ~18 to ~40) due to the open bracket/pool play concept.

I did have one interesting FB reaction:

“You’re treating it more like a players business rather than a spectator event, which is what it needs to be if its going to grow and be desirable for sponsors. The spectators want the player stories and to see their favourite ‘white people¬†play time and time again, rather than see unkowns rise up every season.”

Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I feel like cheating the players in favour of the audience is fucked up. In my opinion taking away from the integrity of the game is detrimental no matter how you look at it. I see it as a much more complex fire triangle, but if you screw over one side (players) then the other two shouldn’t fare well (spectators and sponsors). That’s a super simplistic thought, and maybe worth expanding on another time.

And just cos The Animals are awesome.

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